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have a marshmallow :) Photo idea for Livy? Yeah, right! The marshmallows wouldn't last that long!

I cannot wait until the first freeze.

Photograph by Mandy Lynne. Check out the page. Sadly she is not in Colorado, but i love the look of all her shots.

aren't the best places on earth the ones where you're not sure whether or not to curl up and take a nap, dance, or just sit in silence?

Is it weird that I'm pinning my own photo? I'm just so in love with the soft colors, that I couldn't resist.

Laura Evans - Mountains, trees, and lake - Dreamy nature photography

Be empty to be full. Let go to hold on. Abandon wisdom's, for Wisdom. In silence is music, and in music is the silence of our song. Face fear to find peace. Believe nothing, to Know everything. Die to Live. Light shatters shadow. Seek the dawn. Give yourself back to me, and I shall give you new Life.

silent night. This describes how I feel every time it snows. Pure magic.

Tetsuro Nohara - Hokkaido, Japan