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  • Maggie Lopez

    Wantist Original quirky gift ideas

  • daaannng

    so cute! iHome matte black boom box. WANT!

  • adri -

    iHome iP4 Portable FM Stereo Boombox for iPhone/iPod

  • Samantha Partido

    old school boom box iPod dock

  • Chris Carignan

    iHome IP4 Boom Box iPod Speakers

  • Candice M

    Not content to simply mimic the looks of an old-school, cassette-powered system, the iHome iP4 Boombox ($200) borrows the general shape and attitude of classic systems but belongs squarely in the 21st century, thanks to its subdued monotone design*, modern technology like SRS TruBass DSP, a flexible iPod/iPhone dock, four-inch carbon composite woofers and one-inch tweeters, an auxiliary input jack, backlit buttons, a five-band graphic equalizer with LCD display, and a decidedly low-tech FM radio.

  • Catherine Chesnut

    If Only More Gadgets Looked Like iHome's iP4 Boombox

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