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Ive gone through alot of self actualization here the last 2-3 weeks. Im gonna stop worrying about making people happy. I have to do what makes me happy. I have to follow my heart & not my head. My heart says to go, live life, & be free -- where as my head says stay, what if, oh no, but... & those are all things that are negatively impacting me. I want to get out of all this that is stagnant & go enjoy life while I have it & live for ME -- something I should of been doing a long time ago.

Everyday motto! Don't stress, just live! ''Quotes, Lyrics, Life and then some...''

"The true mark of maturity is when somebody hurts you and you try to understand their situation instead of trying to hurt them back"

"I methodically and instinctively began jotting down all of the reasons I love you. But more importantly I began writing down all of the reasons I won't lose you. I couldn't get past the first (and only) line. It said: 'Love of my life.'"

Truth. I love this so much!! Some people don't realize that they do this till it's too late then they get all pissy when you point it out.

Use quotes from "playroom" pins and incorporate "words of wisdom" quotes into the wall art for the basement. Use own hand writing to make the wall art and use different fabric backdrops and frames.

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wrong choices - right places ... Ain't this the truth!!! :) Love it!