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We have all fallen in love with Paris, where it be in a movie, a book, or even a picture. After living in the city of lights for several months, I always wondered how do people find the time to see all the magic Paris has to offer in one weekend.

21 Fabulous Things To-Do in Paris this Weekend [Infographic

Paris Travel Tips & Photos

Paris Tips & Photo Inspiration: Get Inspired For Your Trip!

Go off-the-beaten-path in Paris and get ready to be SPOOKED!

Scary Places for the Brave in Paris

If you're looking to go off the beaten path in Paris, check out these three spooky places that will be sure to get your heart racing.

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10 Best Things to Do in Paris (And What Not to Do)

9 Tips for Traveling Solo to Paris #Travel #Paris #Tips

9 Tips for Traveling Solo to Paris These tips are meant for solo travel but are great for our trip anyway!

Have you ever wanted to turn up somewhere at random, somewhere no tourist should be, with no Trip Advisor recommendations, and just figure the place out for yourself? Join Seth Kugel as he tries it out in Hungary. A Weekend in Hungary, Chosen at Random

A Weekend in Hungary, Chosen at Random

The Frugal Traveler decided to spend a couple of days in a small Hungarian town just to see what would happen.

Airbnb doesn't allow non-Americans to make requests, other sites don't even offer service -- but there's is a way to book accommodation online in Cuba.

How To Book Accommodation Online in Cuba

Booking accommodation online in Cuba isn't easy, but with a little perseverance, it is possible.

I 10 luoghi più romantici di Roma

With its breathtaking monuments and mouthwatering cuisine, Rome is the perfect place to dwell in the delusion of happiness for a few final hours!

Haiti - photo by Jordan Timpy http://jtimp.wordpress.com/

Haitian Honeymoon

Haiti - photo by Jordan Timpy http://jtimp.wordpress.com/