• Margaret Timm

    Step into 2nd Grade with Mrs. Lemons: Bad case of stripes- cause and effect

  • Kelly Benefield

    Cause and Effect with Camila Cream; an art and literature lesson to go with the picture book 'A Bad Case of Stripes' by David Shannon. #ArtsEd Visual Art and ELA English Language Arts Lesson. Even my fourth graders loved this!

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non-verbal classroom management tips to ease the stress and add the education

End of Year Wordle Gift for Students

My Years, in Tree Rings - would be great as a poem in our art/poetry books

anchor chart This makes a lot of sense! I was never taught how to teach contractions, and I always get flustered when I have to teach them!

Free Resource! What is an effective way to get your students thinking at a deeper level? Let me share what works well for my students! Free Resource for your classroom! Rachel Lynette has my idea posted on her blog! 1. Lesson Plans for any book (2 pages) 2. List of Character Traits for student notebooks (2 pages) 3. Possible Themes poster or printable 4. Evidence Web 5. Critique Questions (2 pages) 6. Reasoning Web 7. Example questions 8. Book Response Reasoning Printable ROCKIN RESOURCES

This App "Noise Control" magically ask your students & kids to keep quiet on your behalf..... It's so magical that teachers found that students are more willing to corporate in classroom activities.... theteachingpalett...

If We Were Helen & Anne Helen Keller Activity

Brownie "Senses" Badge - My Name in Braille

Awesome biography book report project.

Braille activity- could make a fun word work activity!

"The best and most beautiful things in the world cannot be seen nor even touched, but just felt in the heart." - Helen Keller, 1891

This is a mix of literacy and math activities. These items would make great stations for the week after Christmas break! Here is the table of contents page. Literacy *Page 3-4: All about 2014 activity *Page 5-7: Resolutions activity *Page 8-15: Sentence type sort (statement, question, command, exclamation), This could be a station activity or a scoot activity. etc....

parent involvement + math.

Printable bookmarks and poems

WOW! LOADS of social stories in one place!! Topics: Walking in hallways, interrupting, Lunchroom, church, shopping, taking turns, restaurant behavior, how-to for conversations, etc. Repinned by SOS Inc. Resources.

GoNoodle...Brilliant Brain Breaks for the Busy Classroom. Our class BEGS for this multiple times each day! We make them a deal...Quiet, focused workers get to Go Noodle! #workseverytime #classmanagement

Have each bin labeled as pictured and run everything off the Friday before - that way it's in place and ready to go for the next week! Easy, peasy!

classroom rules.

Another way we could display our learning goals--possibly. (I'd tweak a little bit, and maybe do this on a chart paper or two so the expo marker words wouldn't get erased by little fingers.)

Nice rules poster! Like any other class at school, the gym has to have its own set of rules....

Whole Brain Teaching 5 Step Lesson: This is an amazing video of a sixth grade classroom, but is SO useful for any grade level. So many good ideas for classroom management!

Great idea!

photo of a cute way to decorate the corner of your bulletin board-hall board next year

Text structures with signal questions and signal words

ways to gain students attention