Elephant tattoo that I have to get

beautiful elephant tattoo.

Getting an elephant tattoo, and here are some ideas I found. I like the miniature/baby ones, since mine will represent a child.

Elephant tattoo. The first elephant's trunk is up for good luck!

Sexy thigh tattoos for women! I love this!!! Def my next one! This would be my 8th tattoo

Elephant Tattoo

elephant tattoo

Little elephant tattoo... So cute

elephant tattoo Two elephant babies? With initials small Then I can add when and if we have more babies :) But different location not neck

Elephant obsessed

That is a cool tattoo

Disney Tattoos

Elephant tattoo

Best Friend tattoo :)

I like the placement


family;one love - my tattoo

Elephant Tattoo - got mine (a different one) done this summer!

Temporary tattoo design by Marc Johns (no relation, har har) for Tattly.