Marry me

marry me.

oh noah calhoun

noah <3

Noah <3

Noah Calhoun - The Notebook.

It's okay! #ryan #gosling #hey #girl #diy #humor #LOL #quotes

The Notebook <3

The Notebook ♥ one of the most beautiful scenes EVER!

Ahhh I love The Notebook so much! One of my favorite movies!!

Notebook <3

Now one of my favorite movies, the Notebook. The way Noah (Gosling) looks at Allie (Mcadams) is so very sweet. Every girls wants to looked at like that.

Ryan Gosling. Such a sexy man. He could be my husband, right?!

Best part..he's such a sweetheart <3

Ryan Reynolds Scuba

Emma Stone and Andrew Garfield, I'm a fan of them in the amazing Spiderman and I have to admit they are the cutest couple ever!!!

The Notebook. I want a man just like Noah Calhoun. I don't care if we would fight.. I would try my hardest to make it work and to never ever hurt him.

Noah Calhoun!

Ryan Reynolds Are you stalking me? Because that would be super.