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thanks mr. narwhal.    Elf is the best thing ever, and I say this quote all the time...though it never applies

Bye Buddy the Elf T-Shirt Mr. Narwhal emerges from the water to wish Buddy a good Christmas trip. Hope you find your Dad!

Disney Channel original movies at it's prime.

Disney Channel Original Movies aka my childhood + Nostalgic moment.Old Disney Channel was so good. I miss all of these movies!

Hangry.  I'll admit.  I can get this way sometimes.

A Word to Fear: Hangry!

hangry: a state of anger caused by lack of food (i'm def no fun when i'm hangry!) This is funny, i thought this only used with my Family!

I love this movie. Bridesmaids. bridesmaids-and-only-bridesmaids

This is literallh my favorite scene in any movie. What kind of name is Stove? Are you an appliance?



GINGER IS AWESOME. I love gingers. If you're a ginger, we can almost positively be friends. And you were nice. And not a creepy stalker that saw me write this then dyed your hair red. But yeah.

shia lebeouf. haha!!

shia lebeouf I have hallways had a huge crush on him ever since even Stevens lol

Kardashian's awkward family photo. Why isn't this more popular?! So much awkwardness going on

Ok, really not photograph to LOVE in the sense of amazing photography, but this picture is hilarious. What' snot to love about a photo that's got to be SO embaressing for the Kardashians? talk about awkward family photo.

Still waiting on Finding Nemo 2. PLEEEEASE PIXAR?!

I love this quote! Nemo is the best Disney movie EVER! Although Nemo is my favorite character Dory is the one that makes me laugh the most!

How I eat fries: When I’m alone vs. When I’m with other People

Funny pictures about How I eat fries. Oh, and cool pics about How I eat fries. Also, How I eat fries photos.

Here's to our Eazy E Fridays

The Geto Boys as an adolescent white girl

Feels good to be a gangster. I laughed. Hope you did too. It just does, Mom. I can' t explain why it feels so good to be a gangster.

and then we'll snuggle! i love this movie :)

"Buddy The Elf. What's your favorite color?" One of the reasons I LOVE Christmas Time! My favorite Christmas Movie!

lmfao I always think this!

I've always wondered why people announce they have a baby in the car. as if it makes a difference in the way people drive. This is hilarious!

Full House :)

21 Reasons Michelle Tanner Was The Cutest Child To Ever Grace Your TV Set

"My dad said that if I can't say anything nice then I shouldn't say anything at all.but my dad's not here and you're a weenie!" - Michelle from Full House