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    Nick Kristoff calls out corporations supporting Backpage of Village Voice which makes much of our nation's human trafficking possible

    • Tracy Baxter

      "How Chemicals Change Us". Good article on Endocrine Disruptors by Nicholas Kristof of the NY Times.

    • Kristen Swain

      How To Defeat Ebola (Nicholas Kristof column) - ignore the hysteria and focus on stopping the outbreak at its source: New York Times

    • Ounce of Prevention Fund

      "We just might have a rare chance in the next couple of months to take steps toward such a landmark early education program in America. But children can’t vote, and they have no highly paid lobbyists — so it’ll happen only if we the public speak up." Read more from Nick Kristof in the New York Times.

    • Aung Moe Win

      The China saga continues. Nicholas Kristof: It started with a dead body in a hotel. Then a betrayal. Millions of dollars in corruption. And now a scandal reaching into the Politburo, and China's biggest scandal in decades. It's an amazing saga -- you couldn't make it up -- and it's the topic of my column. Enjoy!

    • CARE (

      CARE is helping farmers in Malawi save 95% of their crops from spoilage by teaching them to construct mini-silos made of mud. Read the New York Times column by Nicholas Kristof.

    • Gwen Cassidy

      Great article on how chemicals change us. We have started several of the steps to protect our family, like not microwaving plastic, not purchasing canned food, no pesticides and refusing receipts.

    • Shandelyn Rios

      "One of the greatest human rights abuses is sex trafficking, and my column suggests a basic way of tackling it: arresting male customers. I also describe what happened when I witnessed a police sting operation on customers." Nicholas Kristof

    • Bill and Harriet Mohr

      NICHOLAS D. KRISTOF, Pulitzer Prize winning columnist for the New York Times - Mr. Kristof and his wife, Sheryl WuDunn are authors of “Half the Sky: Turning Oppression Into Opportunity for Women Worldwide”. To read more about Nicholas Kristof, click

    • The Tween & Me

      (picture isn't relevant!) GREAT article about Lady Gaga's new Born This Way Foundation, meant to empower kids and nurture a more congenial environment in and out of schools (op-ed piece from The New York Times, written by Nicholas D. Kristof--who is pictured!)

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    Teen Essay Contest on Bullying Sponsored by Nicholas Kristof & The New York Times #kids #teens #parenting #bullying #bullymovie

    People, should we really be going back to a politician’s high school days? Stuff from high school shouldn’t count, except to help show a pattern of lifelong fun.

    Do you see why republicans want small government .

    B.S. from Romney

    Raising a Moral Child -

    Nicholas Kristof

    Traumatic brain injury

    What’s So Bad About a Boy Who Wants to Wear a Dress? - By RUTH PADAWER from Great article about gender-fluid children.

    "...the United States trails nearly all other industrialized nations when it comes to educational equality. Barely 30 percent of American adults have achieved a higher level of education than their parents did. Only Austria, Germany and the Czech Republic do worse."

    Power Steer - New York Times by Michael Pollan / Sorry about the others were available except this advertisement. Luckily, it happens to be a local company I completely support!

    How to Live Wisely - The New York Times


    Words to live by

    I survived a traumatic brain injury. This is my story…if you need any inspiration, this is your man!

    Explaining White Privilege to a Broke White Person...