books 4-7 years

50+ Chapter Books for Preschoolers and 3 Year Olds

65 Favorite Read-Alouds for BOYS. Always helpful to have a list like this that engages boys to read.

Reading list for girls

NINE + SIXTEEN: My Favorite Books to Read Aloud to Boys

Back and forth journals for Mom and kids. I really love this idea for kids who keep their feelings inside.

best books for young boys

Simple Activities for Little Engineers | via Inner Child Fun

27 Books Parents Should Read To Their Kids Before They Grow Up #children #parenting #books #reading #family

Summer Schedule- I like the idea of this so I'm not saying no to the sprinkler every day. I think Friday's will be to surprise someone by helping them out in some way.

Falling in love with the first book in a series is a wonderful thing: you don't have to worry about what to read next, you can just sit back and enjoy the reading. Kids and adults alike love these 7 great series.

Books for daughters that are about brave girls rather than just pretty princesses

Activities for 1-2 year olds. I am REALLY loving this whole website!!!

10 books to read to your toddlers

Make your child's day

Chapter book recommendations for younger children (ages 3-8 for read aloud)

The Mom Challenge...."there is no way to be a perfect mother, but a million ways to be a good one."

A List of 12 Great Children's Books

I think this is the best list I've seen yet.

Age approp tasks for kids