Baby signing.

Baby Sign Language

Basic signs

Baby Sign Language Chart.

Homemade Baby Food. Tons of information on preparation and tools. Your kid will have an amazing food pallet.

How to teach your baby to swim by themselves, an activity list for 6-12 month olds.

THANK YOU to whoever created this amazing chart!! | Baby Sign Language: 21 Words and Signs to Know

Age Appropriate Chores for Children - Jacaranda Tree Montessori

Sign Language for Babies and Kids (30 basic signs)

Baby Sign Language. This is the BEST way to do it... so simple, and AMAZING how the little ones catch on!

A crash course in teaching sign language to babies! Good info, being that we already sign a lot and I am a baby sign instructor we get it but this is good for everyone who is interested for sure!

5 benefits of signing with your baby or toddler (plus tips for how to get started)

Teaching babies and young toddlers to swim!

56 Sensory Play Ideas for Babies

Your Child's Speech and Language at birth-6 months: their development and how to shape their skills. From Playing with words 365. Pinned by SOS Inc. Resources @sostherapy.

Good tips on getting started with baby/toddler sign language.

Tip for nursing - if your baby's hands are clenched tight they aren't done nursing yet! Also, best blog I think I've ever read on childbirth!-- Great stuff to know

mom/son date ideas :)

what & how to feed a toddler