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how cute would this be in a nursery room, minus the adult clothing of course. She by DesignAtelierArticle, €30.00

Cool! I looooove these...they are on my wish list if anyone is paying attention! (I like the cat ones too!) Animal Clothes Hanger at Urban Outfitters

This German Shepherd guard dog hanger will stare down the sibling who always steals your clothes.

You can't resist this. You tryna resist this but it ain't gonna happen.

the smug look on his face when he's got in, and the total lack of interest on the other kitty's face is absolutely brilliant.

Baby Hjolster :: Too Cute!!! Bwahahahaha! Hilarious! ...have to show this to my husband! =)

Science recently discovered that when cats drink, they pretty much defy gravity. The tongue barely brushes the surface of a liquid before darting quickly back up, forming a column of water between the moving tongue and the surface of the liquid. Then the cat's jaws snap closed around this column of water, and the cat swallows it. Boom -- a refreshing drink, feline-style.

.cat It's 4:30am ... Hello!?, My food dish is running dangerously low!, ... Just letting you know this, ... and I'm still waiting.