duck egg blue embroidered

Whitework Embroidery

Detail, hand-embroidered silk cloak, via

What a lovely idea?

Hand embroidered paisley

Kazue Sakurai - Sketching Embroidery - Japanese craft book

fleur bleue...

Yumiko Higuchi

Embroidered ric rac trim

Lovely stitches!

adding embroidery to a print

Lucette Nurdin-Vigneron embroidering white on white satin ~ one of the few remaining master embroiderers in France in this esteemed and dying art. She won a coveted distinction as Meilleur Ouvrier de France in 1989.

beautiful embroidery

Yumiko Higuchi Embroidery

embroidered roses

One embroidered motif on a printed fabric. Great detail.

embroidered garden

Gorgeous ribbon roses - Festival of Quilts 2010 by namolio, via Flickr

Ribbon Embroidery

embroidered flowers

embroidered dandelions LOVELY