swimming polar bears

Polar bears hug in Barrier Island off Beaufort Sea, Alaska. Mike Lockhart

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A polar bear's igloo.

Polar Bear

~~Sunrise on Beaufort Sea • Polar Bear in Alaska • by Kyriakos Kaziras~~

Polar bear #Anori - half sister to Knut - plays underwater with her mother Vilma at #Wuppertal Zoo, #Germany. The zoo contains about 5,000 animals representing about 500 species from around the world live at the zoo, including apes, monkeys, bears, great cats and elephants, as well as birds, reptiles and fish spread across an area of 59 acres. Picture: Action Press / Rex Features

Polar bear family

Polar bear cub uses it's very own water taxi between the islands of Svalbard in Norway. Perhaps this little polar bear cub was too tired to take the plunge, or maybe it didn't want to get its paws wet in the icy waters of the Arctic Ocean, so the cub hitches a bear-back ride on its mother. Photo taken 5th July 2012 by Kevin Schafer.


Polar bears.....love this shot

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polar bear butt :) too cute plus my fav animal.


Mama Bear and Baby Bear #wild animals| http://wildanimalsashlee.blogspot.com

Polar Bear

Polar Bears, North Spitsbergen, Svalbard. See more on facebook.com/giovanni.mari.photographer ---- Photo by Giovanni Mari

Polar Bear. S)

Look at the photo of the mother polar bear and her baby. Reflect. What are you feeling? Why? What do you think they are feeling? Why? How does this photo show us that animals share in similar emotions? Why?

Polar Bear