Abundance Magnent, Sue Hammond West

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Watercolor and stitching, by Danielle Stratford



Everyday Objects Tell My Story by janelafazio, via Flickr

Felt by Marina Shkonik

Embroidered Drawing on Teabag no.3 Hand stitching on teabag adhered to Japanese paper - Missouri Bend Studio

hand stitching on salvaged fabric - Lisa Hochstein

hand stitching


Stitching Textile. @Deidra Brocké Wallace

da5 by iiablotchki,

leaf skeleton.

Pebbles: mixed media textile art by LOVE STITCHING RED

Lisa Kokin, "Fauxliage: No Birds Sing", 2011. Thread, wire, page fragments from Silent Spring (1962) by Rachel Carson 70 x 24 x 8 in.

Textile piece by Jade Pegler (me-jade) - fabric, acrylic paint, hand & machine stitching, pen, handmade paper, mixed media 44 13 Newer Older fabric, acrylic paint, hand and machine stitching, pen, handmade paper, mixed media