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The tighter, the better!

french rolled jeans - I remember the bandana tied around the leg more.

those 1980s charm bracelets/necklaces.  my mom kept mine and i just got it back!  i love it!

those charm bracelets/necklaces. I had forgot about these! I didn't have very many charms, but I remember LOVING my necklace! Funny how something that was so big in life at the time is forgotten so easily.

THE shoe to have in 1985. I had a gray pair, my mom thought they wouldn't show the dirt as easy!

Oh Reeboks! I ruined my only pair riding on the back of a boyfriend's dirt bike. Still begged my mom not to throw them out!

Popples... I remember mine like it was yesterday!!! They don't make the good toys like they use 2

Toy's From the Past

I had the light purple one on the left and the white one in the middle in this pic!


When the tape in the cassette goes all wonky, you use the bic pen to wind it back up. You could also use a pencil because the ridges meshed with the cogs in the cassette holes. Did I pass?

Image Spark - Image tagged "color", "rainbow", "retro" - aesdesign

thedailywhat: “ Matt Whitwell: “Cassette Rainbow” Prints available here.] ” I used to have a colored cassette collection.

BB Bats 1/2 lb

BB Bats 1/2 lb

BB Bats The old fashioned taffy pop that has been around since the Vanilla, Strawberry, Banana & Chocolate flavored. lb assortment - Approximately 18 pieces per lb

80s weejuns curly laces - Google Search

Eastlands (I had my laces tied in Eastland knots) These were my favorite shoes.

twist a beads!! man, i thought i was something special wearing these, HAHA!!

Twist A Beads: orange, teal & pink (photo credit: Zemkoofies)

Chic Jeans - the pockets have to be high above the buttocks to be authentic 1970's, very close to the true waist (unlike today's copies).

Timberland Boots Rust

Cabbage patch dolls!

The ever so loved Cabbage Patch Doll. I had 3 of them up untill only years ago. My daughters wanted nothing to do with them :P

Showbiz Pizza Place before Chuck E Cheese took over. I'm surprised I wasn't terrified of these characters, but it was also a super special treat going there. Loved the pizza, but the games were even better!

Showbiz Pizza: Games, fun, and the Rockafire Explosion band! I loved showbiz!

Mom's Frugal: Free Gingham Paper Dolls

Free Printable: The Ginghams Paper Doll Book - Pinner says:totally forgot about these! I loved them as a kid. Have to print them for my girls. This was my favorite coloring book!