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This is a short piece from my blog. It considers some of the by products of our 1:1 iPad program.

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iPad As....this offers a great collection of apps organised by category. Very useful.

Choosing the wrong drivers for whole system reform - this is a must read article for educators. The full report is worth reading.

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Some great tech tools amongst these.

Deep Learning Isn’t about Technology - some great substance here.

SCIL Building tour - Stephen Harris by SCIL. Stephen Harris, Principal of Northern Beaches Christian School, gives a short tour of the SCIL Building, an open-plan, multi-modal learning space for student-directed learning. The SCIL Building features spaces and furniture than foster a range of learning modes and styles.

5 Tech-Friendly Lessons to Encourage Higher-Order Thinking - some great easy ideas for any teacher.

Explain Everything - Explain Everything app explained here.

On changing classroom spaces.

What Are Creative Commons Licensed Images? A Student’s Guide from The Unquiet Library

Re online safety - Digital Passport. This looks good.