deep purple


Pink for Spring, created by alttra LOVE THIS!

The things I ♥ wearing more than workout clothes are jeans & t-shirts because life should be lived comfortably!

You must always have a good pair of jeans!

I love everything about this outfit! However at $245 for the tank top, it costs more than the rest of the outfit combined! :-( I wonder if I could make one?!?

Beaded Tank, created by mels777 on Polyvore

purple & green


Casual Outfits For Thanksgiving Day Makayla Jade helped get this pin to 315 repins! The person who gets this pin to 350 pins gets a shout out!

"Fave Jeans and a Tee" by orysa on Polyvore

Grey and Purple

this outfit is perfect for weekends

crochet TOMS, created by


Green and brown:) Love it

Royal Blue and Gray, created by pamnken

Love the black boots and the splash of purple

love purple