gorgeous castle

Castle Kreuzenstein, Austria

Lichtenstein castle near Vienna, Austria - Lichtenstein castle is one of the most remarkable medieval fortified buildings throughout Austria.

Ravenloft Castle in Upstate New York

Medieval, Wilhelmshöhe Castle, Kassel, Germany

Dresden Castle, Dresden, Germany.

Bojnice castle, Slovakia

Blackrock Castle formerly Mahon Castle, is a 16th century castle located in Cork city, Ireland.

Castillo de Butròn in Gatika, Basque Country, Spain

Edinburgh Castle, Scotland

Medieval, Bristol, England

Miranda Castle. This abandoned castle is known as the noisy castle, and is located in Namur, Belgium. It is a 19th century castle, built in 1866.


Old castle


Medieval Castle, Cashel, Ireland

Burg/ Elz Catle, Germany

Pierrefonds Castle in Picardie (Picardy), France. Rebuilt during the 19th. century by Viollet-le-Duc, it is mostly a reinterpretation of what would have been a medieval castle... adapted to the19th century way of life of the emperor Napoleon III who ordered the work.


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