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tony barake - reality theatre, 1989

Saatchi Art: Reality Theatre Photography by Tony Barake

Monster at the Door, a note card by Greetings from Other Worlds on Etsy ($3)

weirdvintage: “ This is my dad’s uncle, c. in Kokomo, IN, USA. The young victim of a family of pranksters, he luckily grew up to be a bit more handsome ” weirdvintage

Conformismo s.m.:atitude ou tendência de se aceitar uma situação incômoda ou desfavorável sem questionamento nem luta; resignação, passividade. pejorativo: tendência ou atitude de se acatar passivamente o modo de agir e de pensar da maioria do grupo em que se vive.

These two photographs are by the Dutch photographer, Koen Hauser. I really like the lady with the slinky head.


Funny pictures about Funny portraits of animals dressed like humans. Oh, and cool pics about Funny portraits of animals dressed like humans. Also, Funny portraits of animals dressed like humans.

Zoo Portraits: fotomontajes de animales con creatividad y humor

Zoo Portraits is a humorous photo series by Barcelona-based photographer Yago Partal that matches animal heads with human bodies. Partal amazingly matches animals to appropriate human bodies and ev…

사람짤봇(@lovexxxsowhat) 님 | 트위터의 미디어 트윗

Here’s a fun contest for you lovey dovey couples to enter! The whole premise behind the idea of “Be Yourself, Together” is to highlight that as a couple comes together, not only are they joining in a union, but they’re … Continue reading →

“Carnival on skis”, Herbert List, 1960

she's got fresh milk. Herbert List 1960 Carnival on skis Germany

Painting with newspaper and black and wait paint.

Black Bird Handmade Glass Coaster Set from Upcycled Dictionary page book art - WilD WorDz - Carriers of the Word.nice to do this as a set of four MXS

animal kolaj

Family photo -- why do many old photos have people wearing animal heads? OMG it's sooo WEIRD


“Lara Zankoul Photography invites viewers to suspend disbelief with her photos of subaquatic home life, which she shot in a water tank outfitted like a…”

I have this thing about animal heads..cool surreal halloween party art photo for invitations

cat and fox masked band - Carefully selected by GORGONIA…


Ghostly woman in creepy bunny rabbit head and knee-hi cowgirl boots.

Aѕ lσηg αѕ уσυ lσνє мє .

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