Hellebore, Double Ellen Picotee

Hellebore apricot double

Helleborus x hybridus - double form by Jacky Parker

Winter Thriller Irish Ruffles Hellebore

Hellebore – Mandy Disher

hardy tapioca plant ✨

Clematis Piilu. First flush of blooms appear as 3-4" double or semi-double light pink flowers with rose bars followed by single flowers of similar coloring. Blooms May through July and September. Shorter in length, this variety is perfect for growing in containers but equally content when grown in the ground or clambering up a trellis. $14.95

Hellebore, midnight ruffles.

A gorgeous hybrid tea rose.

Two of my favorite things! Light pink peonies and blue and whites

Helleborus 'Red Lady'

Himalayan blue poppies

Wow!! Ice Cream Tulips

coleus, visually stunning foliage landscaping, gardening, plantings, flowers

Euphorbia ‘Bonfire’ | — great dark purple. blooms 3 seasons.


Double Delights 'Perfection' Hydrangea

Apricot, pink and creamy yellow double Aquilegia vulgaris.

Helichrysum bracteatum ‘Double White’

Hyacinth, wow double! I love the smell of hyacinths.