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    If you've been to the National Museum of American History in Washington, DC, then you may have seen "Enthroned Washington," the statue Horatio Greenough sculpted in honor of the centennial of George Washington. The statue was originally destined for the US Capitol rotunda, but many were offended by ...

    Enthroned Washington, the statue of George Washington deemed too risque for Capitol Hill, from @io9

    • Ana Barrera

      Sculpture of George Washington by Horatio Greenough, 1840. This was a gov't commission that became famously controversial, ridiculed, and unwanted. It's currently at the Nat'l Museum of Am. History.

    • V to the Pizzaine

      George Washington Greenough statue. Located at the National Museum of American History, Washington, D.C., United States. VP: WTAF?

    • Lacey Van Reeth

      Enthroned Washington, the statue of George Washington deemed too risque for Capitol Hill by Greenough ... hmmm...I wonder why?

    • Bruce Russell

      Enthroned Washington, the statue of George Washington deemed too risque for Capitol Hill, from @io9

    • Lucky McEskers

      “Enthroned Washington” sculpture is based on Phidias' statue of God Zeus which was one of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World. The Congress commissioned Greenough to create a statue of George Washington for display in the US Capitol rotunda. But when the statue arrived, it immediately generated controversy and criticism. The statue changed few different locations until it was finally moved to the Museum of History & Technology where it is exhibited since that time.

    • M a Labour of Love

      The Apotheosis of Washington Bonus Feature: Horatio Greenough based “Enthroned Washington” on Phidias' great statue of Zeus Olympios, one of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World. The seated and sandal wearing Washington gazes sternly ahead. He is bare-chested & his right arm & hand gesture with upraised index finger toward heaven. His left palm & forearm cradle a sheathed sword, hilt forward, symbolizing Washington turning over power 2 the people @ the conclusion of the Revolutionary War.

    • sky youngs

      ❥ George Washington statue~ Baphomet, god of the Illuminati as above, so below

    • Victrola Firecracker

      George Washington (statue) as a God? whaaaa?

    • Neatorama

      4 Public Works of Art Gone Terribly Wrong

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