Awesome Nail idea! Gotta try this,,,,, on my toes lol

fix a broken nail.....

ombre nails - DIY

Ombré nail tutorial

Easy fourth of July nails

Ombre nails with an eyeshadow brush. Paint your nails with your base color, then apply the eye shadow and finish with a thick clear top coat to lock everything in!

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Ombré lips

You apply a clear coat of polish to the nails, dip the nail into the glitter pot, make sure the glitter covers the whole nail, carefully remove it from the pot, then wipe off any excess. The result is gorgeous. It’s a matte glitter finish unlike conventional glitter nail polish. Nail Art. Nail Design. Polishes. Polish. Polished.

23 Creative Nails Tutorials

DIY Nails Art: DIY Matte Topcoat

The Perfect Nail Shape. I definitely do more of a square rounded style. The Mountain Peak one looks scary.

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Tutorial: Peel Off Base Coat

removing nail polish

Midnight mani | See more at

polilsh goes onto a makeup sponge, then stamped onto nails