DIY skirt

DIY Maxi Skirt

DIY pencil skirt

DIY circle skirt-good tutorial with lots of pictures

DIY Bandeau--okay you can even make your own swimsuits now. that happened.

diy skirt

Yellow Print Pencil Skirt [MSS5522] - $44.99 : Mikarose Boutique, Reinventing Modesty

DIY scarf. Pretty, pretty.

Diy Starboard Skirt

skirt tutorial

circle skirts. Good to know.

Long sleeve tee to cute bow top. It took me less than 15 min to do this!! Very easy! So many ideas now. ie. find long sleeve tops at the good will store that don't fit cut off the sleeves and put them on a tank with similar colors... Oh the possibilities!

summer skirt sewing tutorial | Skirt Inspiration | Learn How to Sew Skirts | Tips and Tutorials for Sewing Skirts

a 20 minute skirt? yes please!

Easy and Fashionable Projects to Make at Home

party skirt tutorial

You Or maybe the title of this post should be “how the Vintagely Modern Skirt became a Bubble Skirt.” For this skirt I took The Vintagely Modern Skirt tutorial and made it a bubble skirt (or you can use any fuller skirt pattern, for that matter). Here’s what you need: *your skirt material (I used about 1 […]