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Dippity Do...Brings me back.

Dippity-Do Setting Gel - i used the green one.Dippity-Do a little dab will do ya

what the pros use   @Alex Begin  i can fix my bangs this way!

fringe trim scotch tape ad This must be the ad my mom saw when she cut my bangs. The tape slipped and my bangs were NOT even and way short.

wish we had one of these at my work

An ice-cold whisky dispenser, sometimes found in offices. bring back the office whiskey dispenser!

I could not believe this so I needed to be reminded.

1965 - Baby's First Cigarette. Merry's Play Lighter and Bubble Gum Cigarettes.

Good old Dippity-do

"Dippity-do" (hair styling gel) I remember this ~This stuff worked and was great when using those old sponge rollers!

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MAGNETIC PICK UP STICKS vintage game toy canister. Had these, little metal band on middle of sticks. One stick with tiny magnet on end to pick up with.

Jergens Lotion my mother wore it all the time and I loved the cherry-almond fragrance!

Jergens bottle always set on the "space saver" behind the toilet in our bathroom. My grandmother loved this lotion and I have her glass bottle still has lotion in it! She passed almost 30 years ago so I have no idea how old this beautiful bottle is!

Prell in a Tube ~ was my Daddy's favorite.   We all would use it while on vacation at the beach.

Prell Shampoo (in a tube). Back in the the I remember my aunt Mildred using Prell shampoo. It came in a bottle to.