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  • Yesenia O

    75 KID ACTIVITIES - simple, amusing ideas... like teaching your kids about the phases of the moon using oreo cookies! Maybe good to do for a science project!

  • Brooke Lubbehusen

    Oreo Phases of the Moon, great classroom ideas

  • Andrea Lynn

    Oreo Moon phases- Great way to teach this! What kid (and teacher) doesn't like oreos!

  • Claire Contreras

    I love you in the oreo and in the oreonoon, I love you in the evening and under the oreomoon.

  • Jasmine Cook

    Oreo Moon phases - a more tasty (and fun) way to teach your kids about the moon :)

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Moon Phases Plate- Can't find this activity on the site the picture is linked to, but am sure I could use the picture to do something similar. Would want to write something on stick indicating where the sun would be.

Phases of the moon, this helps the students understand while making this chart, what they look like. Science standards: 4. The Physical Setting, A. Universe, Grade 4: The patterns of stars in the sky stay the same, although they appear to move across the sky nightly, and different stars can be seen in different seasons.

moon plate for observations - add what the moon is doing, and what we see. for their take home moon observations

So great for moon phases! I'm totally doing this! It's nice and simple for my kids, and it gets to the point!

so smart!! I did phases of the moon with marshmellows, but it got very sticky! This is a great alternative!

Oreo Cookies to Teach the Phases of the Moon! I love this idea! Learning this phases of the moon can be quite boring, but this would certainly keep the students attention! Although, they should not be allowed to eat ALL of their cookies!! ;) *Sarah Graf

science and oreo cookies. Why didn't they teach us this in elementary school?

Here's another ice idea for a phases of the moon foldable.

I love this! We'll be studying the phases of the moon again in science this year. I'm so doing this!

Growing Stalagmites and Stalactites - Great idea for my Geology book. You could use Alum or Borax as well.