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    Welcome to Islas Mauricio! An exotic place where you can enjoy its idyllic beaches of fine white sand and crystal clear water. This photo shows the pool close to the sea, on one of the hotels in Mauricio Island!

    Red Bull X-Fighter Las Ventas, Madrid ¿Que opinais? ¿Os gusta? ¿Iriais a verlo?

    ¿Que os sugiere? ¿Practicais el turismo de spa/balneario a menudo?

    Views from "Catedral de la Almudena", it just seems to be in heaven...

    Mysterious Italy by Giuseppe Desideri

    Playa del Carmen

    San Lorenzo Escorial

    Taxco , un pueblito maravilloso situado a unas pocas horas de México DF. Es típico por su Plata ¡¡¡ Taxco, a little wondeful town located within a few hours of México city. Typical for its silver ¡¡¡¡

    ¿Qué os parece? ¿Qué os sugiere? What do you think about? El Atazar, Valle del Lozoya (Sierra de Madrid)


    Adivinais de donde puedes ser esta foto? Guess where this photo can be?

    Big Lagoon - Palawan, Philippines by Loïc Romer (flickr)

    Sesimbra, Portugal! It is located in Setubal (Lisboa). It is a wonderful place where you can enjoy an excellent beach and an exquisite gastronomy.

    Foto del río Manzanares de noche. MADRID A PICTURE OF MANZANARES RIVER. MADRID



    Foto del viaje a Nueva York ( Junio 2011) I really love NYC


    Canales Amsterdam Febrero 2012

    Karlovy vary

    La Alhambra, Granada