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Wicked Witch Martini

The food that is the perfect excuse to celebrate your period.

One hour of food prep on Sunday = healthy eating so easy you don’t even think about it.

Lobster. Poutine.

When it comes to groceries, store everything the right way to make sure it lasts as long as possible.

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The littlest Pop Tarts!

15 Boxed Food Mixes You'll Never Have To Buy Again

Grits + Popcorn | 23 Comfort Food Mash-Ups That Were Meant To Be

Horseradish Vodka Bloody Mary

The-Color-Changing-Martini & other cool/creepy #foodies

hoodoothatvoodoo: Anthea with her martini, Vancouver 1997

Food & Lifestyle Photographer | Victoria BC / New York | Peter Bagi | Restaurants

Boozy Green Lemonades

Oreo Chocolate Tart. #food... im trying to restrain myself from grabbing the computer screen and sucking on it trying to get the cookie out O.O

Witches' Brew Recipe from Taste of Home

This dessert is one of the best you will EVER HAVE! Pin this recipe! Homemade Churro Bites Recipe

The whole food cleanse that beats your juice!


Black rum and crème de cacao mix for a perfect Halloween cocktail!