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  • Carol Cunneen

    volcano eruption lightning

  • Farren Ryder

    An erupting volcano along with thunder and lightning. don't think this photo is real but it's pretty cool

  • Snow Tigress 😛

    An erupting volcano along with thunder and lightning. Scary and beautiful!

  • Meghan Dawson

    Amazing nature photos - -LOVE

  • Cynthia Gentry

    Erupting Volcano under storm clouds and lightning.

  • Rachel Kennedy

    An erupting volcano along with thunder and lightning. Mother Nature was downright LIVID.

  • Rex Blanchard

    Volcanic eruption with severe lightning from the volcanic gases and ash storm created above the eruption. Mother earth renewing itself recovering the old with the new adding greenhouse gases to the atmosphere as before when the earth built mountains and melted the snowball earth.

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