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    Beautiful centerpiece for a woodland wedding!

    Flam, Norway.


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    Love the mini trees!

    mushroom cake pops

    Bean Bag Toss: Easter Gift Ideas for Toddlers & Preschoolers

    Blue Gnome

    "Tutorial Fairy Tent ~Twigs all the same length ~String ~Scissors ~Soft (not stiff) cloth 1.) Pick out the 2 most curved twigs, hold so they form a doorway, tie in place w/string. 2.) Add 3RD twig as a tripod, tie in place. The structure should now stand up by itself. 3.) Add other twigs in the spaces, tying each one w/string. 4.) Drape cloth around structure, leave doorway open. 5.) decorate entrance w/flowers, use a green leaf as a rug & perhaps leave a tiny pair of fairy shoes."

    "Tinkers House (Garden home for our fairy friends) Using a empty plastic container, fairy stickers and a set of assorted Sharpie Markers along with colored popsicle sticks, pipe cleaners, tooth picks,dried moss, clear flat glass beads, dried flowers, fake leaves, a craft knife, Blue hemp mini rope, red colored jewels, and super or tacky glue My 5 yr old daughter and I created several fairy homes out of things from the recycle bin and things from the Dollar Tree store! A great fun project."

    "Cardboard box,Craft knife,Scissors, 4 craft sticks, 2 pipe cleaners, Glue dots, 2 flat buttons and 1 shank-style button,Pushpin,silk flower,Thin string,Small bell,,3 5oz paper cups,Stapler,paper green,Cotton ball, Corrugated cardboard 1.cut 4x2½-in door 2.craft sticks side-by-side bend pipe cleaners the tops & bottoms 3. pushpin to poke hinges in cardboard alongside door openingfor each hinge, thread one of the adjacent pipe cleaner ends through the hole and then twist the two ends together."

    "Empty/clean plastic bottles can become a Fairy house with a touch of colored sharpie markers, stickers, pipe cleaners, buttons and glue OR water proof paint, tiny sticks or light weight stones and rubber cement glue (If you want to put these outside in your garden)."

    "A Fairy Footbridge ~What you'll need *Template for A Fairy Footbridge *Scissors *Pencil *Corrugated cardboard *Craft knife *Craft or scrapbook paper, stickers, or glitter glue *Glue stick or glue dots *Marker *Toothpick *Handful of buttons."

    "Twig Chair Tutorial w/ Step by Step Pictures ♥ ~Basic Supplies: *Handful of Twigs *Pruning Shears *Glue Gun ~From 1 stick- Clip 6 sections all the same length, about 1" long. 4 for seat & 2 for back. ~For under-seat support: Cut 2 more twigs that are one twig width longer than the seat depth ~Front legs: Cut 2 twigs the same length as the seat twigs, one twig-width shorter is nice. ~Measure how long you want your back leg/chair back twigs to be and cut 2 of them."

    new modern wood toys and rings and jewelry for kids - see more at #wood #toys #kids

    Chocolate Toad Stools

    I only like his hat

    matryoshkas baby quilt turquoise dolls bedding with by SewnNatural

    Gorgeous green mushroom centerpiece! More spring-inspired decorations:

    toadstool lamp

    winter wonderland terrarium

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