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Super Wounaan Tribe Basket-Panama #30089

This basket measures tall and has a circumference. All our baskets come with a card that tells the Wounaan Basket Story so folks can better appreciat

Wounaan Super Anteater Tagua Carving-Panama #11644

How about that tongue? And that must be a termite nest he brought down from a tree. This is a super anteater tagua carving, folks. Click above for the larger im

Super Wounaan Indian Hanging Basket-Panama #7805

This is a particularly lovely basket. It has a very attractive strap and the colors are great. It will fit in anywhere. Think gift. It measures tall. It has

Super Wounaan Tagua Frog Carving-Panama #12096

The artist did a wonerful job making the leaf so realistic. And that’s true for the Tagua frog too. Click above for the larger images.

Wounaan Indian Iguana Tagua Carving-Panama #23366

Look at the length of the tail. This is a super iguana tagua carving.

Super 2 Frog Wounaan Tagua Carving-Panama #16394

Look closely, this tagua frog carving a work of art. Frog lovers ought to go for this one but if you kiss it don’t blame us if the prince is on vacation. (Here

Wounaan Super Tagua Stingray Pendant-Panama #14717

Super Wounaan Iguana Tagua carving-Panama #13327

This is a nice fat iguana, must live near a good mango tree. Click above for the larger photos.

Super Wounaan Embera Gecko Tagua Carving-Panama #5132

This carving is well positioned on the nut and finely painted. Geckos are a noise crowd in Panama but they keep the warehouse clear of bugs.