Entrance to subway: Broadway

NYC. The Strand Bookstore, at Broadway.

New York Subway

Subway NYC

New York City of The 1960s

Broadway , NYC

New York

Oh let me in.....Entrance


Metropolitan Opera House, 1423 Broadway, New York, New York, NY Related Names: Cady, J. Cleveland, Treadwell, E. P., Carrere & Hastings Building/structure dates: 1883 initial construction Building/structure dates: 1903 subsequent work Building/ Demolished: 1966 Significance: The Metropolitan Opera House was the home of the Metropolitan Opera Company from 1883 until 1966 and during these eighty three years played an important role in operatic tradition.

Coney Island: Luna Park Entrance, 1905

Subway entrance

Beautiful Parisian subway entrance.

Tiny's | New York

Rockefeller Center in NYC...great shot


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New York City subway


Brooklyn, New York's legendary city within a city

This city personifies inspiration