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  • Sally

    when did neville longbottom get this hott? #harrypotter

  • That awkward moment when Neville Longbottom (actor Matthew Lewis) became hotter than Harry Potter (and Draco, and Ron, and Cedric)

  • Erin Spence

    neville longbottom real life

  • Kellie Bradley

    Holy cow look at Neville Longbottom!

  • Anna Haun

    Matthew Lewis (Nevill Longbottom), proof that the not-so-cute kids are usually going to end up as the hotties you wish you would have said "hi" to on the playground.

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Neville Longbottom, winning at puberty ~ Love it when these young people grow up and show the world!


I love how in Rowling's interview with Dan she mentioned how she thought the actors as children were too attractive. I remember being a young child, watching Sorcerer's Stone and thinking, "DANG IT. Why does Oliver Wood have to be the ONLY hot one in this movie!?"

Who knew Longbottom would turn out to be such a cutie pie

Neville ?! haha media-cache0.pint... lcsahyoun funny random things

ha. one of my friends always make fun of how i should be with neville, not ron or malfoy. he turns out to be damn finee ;> #harry #potter

Some of the most attractive people on the planet started out as awkward kids. Don't wanna peak too early in life...

  • Ashleigh Nicholas

    wow that's crazy how different he looks. It's so true though. I know a few guys who used to be 'chubby' and are now quite attractive

  • Melissa Wood

    Chris and I were awkward kids and look how hot we are!! lolllll

  • Ashleigh Nicholas

    You should see my before braces photos lol!! I literally looked like a rabbit haha

  • Raley Stearly

    Actually he has always been somewhat skinny, he was always made to wear a fat suit on set though. As well as fake teeth. Notice how we all found out about his hotness AFTER all of the harry potter movies were over?

Okay, so in the fourth year they didn't realize he was hot yet, so for the fifth and sixth (he wasn't in seven part one) they were like "Cut his hair ugly and make him wear a fatsuit!" and then in seven part two they were just like "fuck it, he deserves hotness. He's killing a giant snake."

  • Angelica Benitez

    In the first three movies, he was this sweet adorable little boy you wanted to protect but then in the fourth movie I'm like 'holy shit!' He's attractive. I always found Longbottom attractive.