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" Praise be to God for showing me my failure. Praise be to God for giving me grace. Praise be to God for giving me the tools to raise Godly children. It's all in the bible. We have to read it. We have to discuss it. We have to apply it. We have to live it. DAILY. " Candance Cameron Bure (this is a must read)

from the Better Mom

Four Things to Pray for Your Kids and GIVEAWAYS!!!

So many times I find myself praying for the same things for my children. That they are healthy. They they are safe. That they are obedient. The other day I was reading the Bible, and I came upon Philippians 1:9-11. It's the perfect Scripture to pray for your kids!

from A Little Craft In Your Day

14 DIY Organization Projects

What a great idea for kids to have a visual reminder of the chores they still need to complete. Avoids the nagging. Read more at

from iMom

10 Ways to Pray for Your Child

Rather than throwing up your hands in defeat, a wise mom gets on her knees and seeks the wisdom and help of God: the one who created your child.

Good to remember, when you are having a bad day would you want someone to make it WORSE? Kids don't always know how to say what is bothering them. Be their savior NOT their problem or antagonist. They will value you for it.