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    Enjoy the silence

    Enjoy the Silence ~ Depeche Mode

    Depeche Mode- Enjoy the silence

    Enjoy the silence. by coniLab


    Hahah when i saw this i thought of my dad, because he tells everyone in my family, "you are my favorite,but don't tel anyone"

    This installation put love quotes from great songs in giant, neon letters. And it was beautiful! #neonlove #lovequotes #publicart 12 MONTHS OF NEON LOVE | Public Art Intervention in Wakefield

    I love when conversations and energies just flow. Not forced. Not coerced. Just present. #intj #infj

    This is how it felt to fall in love with you. The slidey thing that keeps the door closed? We were like it slowly clicking into place. And now we're just sitting here looking at it and saying "Oh my goodness! Look! This is amazing." Because it is. It's very right to enjoy this.

    A priest friend put it far more profoundly: God hones us like a master swordsmith hones a sword. He will also make holy the person we are, and not the person we become when we try to be something or someone we aren't. All saints are radically different individuals who didn't "fit in," but fit into God. Consider that Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI "cuts" against the grain of an aggressively bland culture: he is gently penetrating, and penetratingly gentle.

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    Depeche Mode - Kii Arens - 2013 ----

    Precisely what the original fight for the ERA was about. Many voted it down not because they thought women were equal, but because they felt women were superior! A whole period in our history called "maternalism". Very interesting period! #barclarent



    Depeche Mode-Enjoy the Silence