I really need to do this. Its sooooo hard though! :( Closet Decluttering Decision Chart : questions to ask yourself when sorting and purging the clothing, shoes and accessories in your closet.


How to Organize Your Closet 101 via visulal.ly

words to purge by

How often you should be cleaning your clothing! Don't wash too often, or it'll wear out.

DIY Storage Boxes

Complete Housekeeping Printable Set! | Visual reminders and supports for daily and weekly chores, including menu planning, shopping lists, chore responsibility chart and more.

How to Weed Out Your Closet... Do I dare try this? It seems like theres at least 5 legit options missing, lol

The Household Organization Diet - let's get cleaned and organized together for 2014!

I think I need to print this out for when I actually have the ambition to de-clutter and organize my closet! Closet Organization - Closet Helper. :-)

Free organization downloads

Decluttering Made Simple: Easy ways to organize your home

cleaning schedule

Organized Craft Closet -- turn any under utilized closet in your home into a fabulous craft closet with these tips and tricks.

The 40 Hanger Closet--How to minimize your wardrobe for maximum style. This is so inspiring! Great post about drastically purging your closet so that all that is left are the things your really love.

How To Declutter Your Home - Here's a simple formula for how to declutter your home that anyone can use to find success. If properly applied, with enough time and determination, you too can unclutter your home, and keep it that way. (probably the most no-nonsense approach I have seen

life is like art: Clothing Organization Project

Closet Cleaning Flow Chart