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20 Great "Golden Girls" Comebacks. If someone would buy me the Golden Girls in its entirety I'd love them forever!

mean girls and hipster dog all in one. It's too much for me

That's so fetch- If this dog was black he would be MR. Prescott - the morkie with that swagger of a yorkie and the mind of a cat.

"YES!" This guy at work said "that is so fetch!" the other day and the girl he said it to had no idea what he was talking about and hasn't seen Mean Girls. So the next 3 clients that walked in he asked if they had seen the movie and they all said they loved it and blah blah blah. She felt like an idiot for sure.

I've said it before, I'll say it again: Mean Girl's jokes never get old. I don't care how old I get. I should probably devote an entire board to the topic.

Hahahaha wow. I have no words. o-o

only a combination of the two greatest pop culture influences in my life

This is excellent. I applaud this person!

You can't just go around asking people why they have legs!- This is the most beautiful thing I've seen