• lexie cousineau

    Cat heads.... So funny!!

  • Lura Burnette

    Kitty cat dreams ♡

  • Alyssa Heiser

    Would so do this with Fatty The photo set shows the cat being depicted as E.T., Superman, Michael Jackson and Elvis. He also appears in famous scenes from King Kong and Pirates of the Caribbean.Not much is known about the starry-eyed pet, but one picture shows a speech bubble written in Chinese. It reads: 'Even if I'm only a little kitten, I aim to be a little kitten with big dreams!'

  • Bailey Finley

    Cardboard dreams... What a funny cat!

  • Treats Unleashed

    I think I will try this one out as well :D Don't forget to also check out our website at treatsunleashed.com #buffalony #pets #petsupplies #newyorkpetsupplies #buffalonypetsupply #animals #cats #funny

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