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    Lessons learned long ago....the road that got me to where I am today. Without that experience, though, I wouldn't be nearly the person I am now.

    Life is too ironic to fully understand. It takes sadness to know what happiness is. Noise to appreciate silence. And absence to value presence. ~Author Unknown

    Breathe in... Breathe out

    This describes my cheating husband to a tee!!!!!!!!!!!!!Never has been a parent.

    And proclaims I'm crazy. " And your husband thinks so too" must have been a discussion while you were Cheating on yours. Guess who?

    Some women don't believe it even when there is proof. I was a fool once now she is.

    Couldn't possibly be your fault... You have no control over your own actions!

    My Mama Life....: "sadly, the ridiculousness continues...dosnt everyone love drama coming from pathetic exes?"

    EXACTLY, exactly, exactly.

    Dont feel special, apparently my ex ***** everyone.....just a question ... how many guys has their been since you were with my husband? and how many years have passed by now since my husband and I have been together .. do the math .. he's not the problem.

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    True Narcs...once your exhausted from doing it all, he will leave and find new supply.

    Hard to believe just a few short weeks ago I was crying all the time for you, Then you started ignoring your responsibilities, and lying to me like a fucking rug. Sign the damn papers already and let's get this over with so I can say this to your face.

    ++++++++++++++++Ex-Dad Definition:+divorced+man+ who+blames+his+ex-wife for+all+his+mistakes,+ shorfalls,+unkept+promises while+being+an+absent+ selfish+father!!

    I'm sorry that I expected too much of you. Now I realize that just being a decent human being is far beyond you.

    Congratulations evil narcissist ex husband. You're right you deserve someone better. Unfortunately, another copy of you with a vagina does not exist.

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    Congratulations! You won! Your prize is a liar and a cheater! Have fun with that.

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    i like the "breathe" part the best

    Recovery from Emotionally Abusive Relationships Education about Narcissists, Sociopaths, and other Toxic People. Don't be a victim, don't just survive, Thrive LET THIS BOARD BE YOUR AHA MOMENT, PLEASE SHARE!!! great pin!