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"Holding on too long is just a fear of what's to show because not everything that goes around Comes back around, you know, one thing that is clear It's all down the hill From here." -Queens of the Stone Age

Rose | Butterfly | Skull | Rosary | Tattoo

Loved how the whole theater cheered at that scene at the midnight showing!! I was so glad they left that part in!

Harry Potter memorial tattoo - God, this line always makes me tear up. Harry is so brave throughout the whole series and in this one moment, he seems so childishly vulnerable...breaks my heart.

I think they meant to write "Wingardium Leviosa" under the feather... but the artwork is lovely!

Crowns - great place to buy this crown sheet when I need it - etsy...

this but with a tri force instead???

Wow, this is a cool Harry Potter tattoo I found on the internet. The original poster says there are 7, one for each of the Harry Potter books, but they aren’t designed after any books in particular. I just love reading in general but I figured I’d have 7 because i’m a nerd numberfourprivetd...

40 Unbelievable Harry Potter Tattoos | So stoked that my unique Harry Potter tattoo quote is NOT on here :)

HP FTW. Thinking about getting a Harry Potter tattoo myself...

Harry Potter Advanced Potions book by groundpig.geo, via Flickr