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Mix Elmer's glue with food coloring to paint onto anything glass to create a seaglass effect when dry. Now that's just cool.

from Fake Ginger

Ocean Water

Ocean Water - 7Up or Sprite, blue food coloring, Swedish Fish. Fun for kids summer parties.

Fill water balloons with 1 part cornstarch, 1 part water and food coloring, and freeze. Peel off balloon and you have giant frozen marbles to play with on a hot day. Great idea!

from Babble

8 Recipes for Disaster

DIY Helium balloons !!! No helium needed to fill balloons for parties. How to: just vinegar and baking soda! I NEED TO REMEMBER THIS! this is important since helium is not a renewable source and is in such short supply. #diy #helium #balloons

Capture the Flag type game with balloons filled with shaving cream, shaving cream evaporates so can't fill to far ahead. Start summer party 2014