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    recycle old soda/water bottles to protect you growing veggie seedlings. This woman is very clever!

    Top 10 Awesome Ideas for your Garden - Creative DIY Ideas

    Build A Greenhouse From Plastic Bottles

    The best way for Self-Watering

    The best way to water your garden is to set up a drip irrigation system with an automatic timer. But what if you do not have that option?. If so, a great option is to bury a milk jug with holes drilled in it next to your plants. To water all you have to do is stick the hose in the top of the jug and fill up the milk jug and you are done! It also makes it easy to fertilize, add a scoup of fertilizer into the jug and add water and your done!

    Auto Bottle Watering Can

    water play / #crafts KIDS

    Ball Point Pen Sprinkler - this is genius!

    How To: Self-Watering Seed Starter Pots

    Recycled palstic bottles and small plants = really cute hedgehog garden planters.

    Bottle trees add such bright colors to a garden area

    could make these from painted 2-liter soda bottles?

    Sunflower Bottle Tree

    Brew a pot of coffee and let it cool. Pour into spray bottle and spray on plants. It freaks out the bugs and gives your plants (if they are the type that need it) a tiny shot of nitrogen.


    A Quick and Easy Fruit Picker

    Plastic Bottle Planters

    soda bottles into a garden

    Oh wow... why didn't I think of this?

    water your garden with wine bottles instead of those globes