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    Soda bottle plant waterer

    Auto Bottle Watering Can

    The Incredible Self Watering Pop Bottle Garden Grow System! You Got To S...

    waterbottle drip irrigation

    Simple solutions to common garden problems - 35 natural remedies

    The best way for Self-Watering

    Cucumbers grown in the wrong conditions can become bitter or tasteless. Here is a simple tried and true tip for having the sweetest cucumbers in town . . .

    Bury a plastic bottle with small holes to water your plant's roots..brilliant in arid climates!

    Recycled palstic bottles and small plants = really cute hedgehog garden planters.

    could make these from painted 2-liter soda bottles?

    Basement Waterproofing - DIY this weekend. A solution that actually works!

    Climbing Joseph's Coat, I think, my favorite rose by far.

    re-use plastic bottles for drip irrigation...good idea

    planting tomatoe plants

    Self watering recycled plant pot for growing herbs and flowers-

    Wine bottle waterer

    water your garden with wine bottles instead of those globes

    The 'system' is super simple. All we have to do is grab some 2-liter plastic bottles, punch 2 holes into the sides and 2 into the bottom, and plant said bottles next to our plants. Fill them with water and our plants will get that slow watering they prefer. For more information about the project, visit Fine Craft Guild.

    Sunflower Bottle Tree