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Flying fish, South Atlantic Ocean off of Angola, Africa. It's mysterious, curious, & interesting.

Sawfish... critically endangered species.....A strange-looking fish has snapped up a spot on the endangered species list. The smalltooth sawfish is the first U.S. marine fish to receive federal protection as an endangered species.

If I were a billionaire I'd build an entire house around a huge aquarium so it could be seen in every room, then I'd help the wildlife people by helping take care of sea turtles.

The Sawfish, a ray, is an Elasmobranch and like its fellow group members (sharks, rays and skates) has a cartilaginous skeleton. It uses its saw (characterized by toothlike structures called denticles) for defense and for feeding by slashing its saw from side to side along the ocean floor, dislodging prey and likely by slashing through schools of fish, stunning or injuring them before consuming them via the ventral mouth. The largest species has been documented to weigh in at over 5,000lbs…

A flying fish landed on my boat last night. I took this quick pic then put it back in the water. - Imgur

Fish Hook Die Cut Vinyl Decal PV1308

Hammerhead Sharks Trap Music Mix 2015 vol #3