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Explore Munich S City, City Center, and more!

Munich's city center

Top things to see and do if you have 48 hours in Munich

Munchen/Munich, Martin Haake | Illustrators | Central Illustration Agency

This Dragon is outside of a city hall in Munich, Germany

Munich, #Germany #Travel My dad was in the Army, and we were stationed here! Lucky us! Had the chance to travel all over Europe! Beautiful!

5 things not to miss in Munich

Munich is an amazing city. Culture, History, Palaces, Food and beer. I love the laid back atmosphere of Munich. Here are our 5 things not to miss in Munich

4 Days in Munich Itinerary- Things to Do in Munich

What to see and do in Munich Germany when time is short! Our mission is to give you a big enough taste to whet your appetite and leave your memories of Munich as magic. Not just a Munich City guide but and actual layout based on our own experiences in the city. Click to read more at

My Three to Four Day Itinerary for Munich. So many people head to Berlin and forgot about Munich entirely. But this city is so worth visiting, even outside of Oktoberfest. I had four days full of pork knuckle, beer, beautiful public gardens, palaces and even a sobering concentration camp.

4 Days in Munich Itinerary- Things to Do in Munich

Top things to do in Munich Germany. Munich is a stunning city with so much to see and experience. The city is one of the most beloved in all of Europe and despite the turmoil it has seen, it has stood strong as one of Europe’s center points for interest and tourism. Click to read the full travel blog post at