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I've always kinda wanted a tatoo, but I'm not sure what would be important enough to put on my body. Something small, like this...might be it. Hm...

I tend to judge people with these tattoos. Anchors are literally made for sinking so I think the tattoo as a whole contradicts itself.

Refuse to sink. I want this to cover up the tat on my foot, but the anchor would have to be black and I want the rope looping down to the side of my foot where the quote will be.

This would make an adorable tattoo...

i would just like to point out that this is an anchor... made of iron/steel, VERY heavy, MADE TO SINK, and stay ANCHORED in the ocean.... soooo is the anchor is useless in your endeavor to refuse to sink.

i refuse to sink - I hate to be a copycat, but I love this too much to not make my own rendition. I think this is perfect for my very first tattoo. Happy 21st birthday to me! (: