ralph fiennes

Ralph Fiennes - Loved him in the English Patient. Such a diversed actor and Such beautiful eyes!

Ralph fiennes in tuxedo 8x10 color photo

Ralph fiennes in tuxedo 8x10 color photo

Pin for Later: 19 Sexy Movie Politicians Who Would Win Our Votes Ralph Fiennes, Maid in Manhattan Fiennes sure can rock a suit as senatorial candidate Christopher Marshall, who falls for a hotel maid (Jennifer Lopez) in Maid in Manhattan.

Harrison Ford is an Academy Award-nominated actor most famous for his portrayals of the character Han Solo in the original Star Wars trilogy as well as the adventurous archaeologist/action hero Indiana Jones in the Indiana Jones film series.

Harrison Ford

Trivia for the Oscar-nominated actor Harrison Ford, who became one of HollywoodÂ’s most popular actor, especially with the movies Star Wars, Indiana Jones, Blade Runner and The Fugitive.

Ralph Fiennes , however I prefer when he went by Raph

The *one* thing about the Harry Potter movies that agitates me is that they cover up Ralph Fiennes ultra-prettiness. Yes I know Voldy is not suppose to be pretty , but look at the man!

David Bowie and Iggy Pop, 1970s

David Bowie & Iggy Pop (montage based on the classic photography by Philippe Halsman for Dean Martin & Jerry Lewis,

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“I look my best after an entire hair and makeup team has spent hours perfecting me. When do I feel my best? When I haven`t looked in a mirror for days, and I`m doing things that make me happy.” - Anne Hathaway~ I love her

Extraordinary photography by Michael Muller

Extraordinary photography by Michael Muller

Bruce Willis by Michael Muller. Beautiful black and white photo. Oh, and it doesn't hurt that it's Bruce.

Kevin Spacey....Love the man!  It's all about "the eyes"!  It's like his "head" is saying one thing, but those "eyes" are saying something completely different!  Add the fact that he is one of the best, if not THE best actors around!  Loved "K-PAX", "AMERICAN BEAUTY", "THE USUAL SUSPECTS", "21", etc.  Kudos to Kevin Spacey!

pp Kevin Spacey, CBE (born Kevin Spacey Fowler; July is an American actor, director, screenwriter, and producer.