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DNA Simulation: Genetic Diversity

Addresses the Next Generation Science Standard: HS-LS3-3 explaining the variation of traits in a population. This simulation unites math, science, and art in a creative engaging process to demonstrate the incredible number of possible genetic variations within a single species. $

SEPUP simulations - Flash interactives for issues oriented high school science curriculum. From top to bottom: a natural selection simulator, fish population growth simulator, and protein synthesis model.

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Fossils illustrate evolution of life

Fossils illustrate evolution of life | Science News

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Plate Tectonics: Earth Science Interactive Notebook

Introducing Earth Science Interactive Notebooks - Plate Tectonics from Nitty Gritty Science!

Cut an paste food chain is a fun way to combine arts and crafts into a science lesson to make it more fun 1 NEW YORK STATE LEARNING STANDARDS: Standard 4: The Living Environment: Key Idea 1: Living things are both similar to and different from each other and nonliving things. - explain how diversity of populations within ecosystems relates to the stability of ecosystems

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Ecosystems and Interdependence for Interactive Notebooks




How donuts are made



Science Investigation Notebook

Science Investigation Notebook Could adapt this into a PEOE investigation Notebook. Providing students with the opportunity to draw instead of write their observations. Good for students who struggle with writing.

Jet Propulsion Laboratory - Curiosity - 7 Minutes of Terror