Teacher Big Book - cute idea! I think I'll have to do this for my class this year. You have to look at her example. It's really great!


A Teeny Tiny Teacher- great ideas & she is hilarious.

Our Daily Class Goals...Love this idea

Great beginning of the year activity idea for building class community.

Read this book before 1st project of the year!

Scientific... THIERY Ok not a good as the attention grabbers you'll find here :-). Love these!

Squarehead Teachers | Free teacher stuff to get your elementary classroom all SQUARED away!

"All About Me" book

Teacher's Prayer | Holly Monroe Calligraphy – Holly Monroe and Clifford Mansley : Heirloom Artists

Who Am I? Class booklet with riddles. Cute idea for August!

Don't just pin...WATCH. Within 30 seconds I had a new attention grabber and learned so many more teacher tricks...LOVE THIS!!! **This lady is amazing! I just watched all her youtube videos!**

Where are we sign-outside door.. Made it!

Fly swatter sight word game (poster)

Tales from a First Year Teacher, except for baby sitting it would be tiny chores

PYP in Paradise! It could be a great ice breaker for the first week, maybe as a carousel activity

Great use of narrow wallspace...I could use this for sure!!!

Awesome idea to get students to listen! Will definitely try next year.

First Week of School Class book

I like the term "Teacher Voice"--would use when they are sharing or presenting to the class