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Nearly spit out my coke laughing at this one. Pay close attention to their views... #funnydogs


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this is so cute

CollegeHumorfrom CollegeHumor

Dog Hates Everything

Poor Puppy!!! I am not a fan of dressing up pets, every picture you can just tell how miserable they are. Looks super cute tho.

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stop tempting me! I'm going to track down this dog and adopt it (in whatever way possible)

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Community Post: Scumbag Pets

When I sneeze Pug

Yup. When you come back from vacation, dogs can get VERY insistent about being with you all the time, because OMG YOU'RE BACK I LOVES YOU DO MUCH YOU'RE BACK YOU'RE BACK I'M SO HAPPY!!!!! And this dog? This dog is beyond adorable. Look at that face! Those eyes! Squee!