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  • Deborah Bannister

    12 week challenge

  • April Garrison

    Give it time...<< my dad has always said this!!! a month for you to notice your own body changes, 2 months for close friends and family to notice and 3 months for other random people to comment! it's so true!

  • Beau Barbee

    Need to remember this.. Maybe this will help motivate my New Year diet :-)

  • Tracy Harger

    So true and I need to remember this!

  • Ezzie

    motivational quotes for weight loss | Ideal Protein Diet ... 60lb weight loss challenge

  • Carol Williams

    Keeping this in mind and can't wait for the end of this 12weeks. It really is a short time when compared to what I have already completed.

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Don't give up on your dream body! Each day is another chance to make a change. Contact Sleek Body to make that change. You have the drive, the motivation, now you just need the right trainers and food plan to get you there!!!

Posted this in my bathroom so when I wake up in the morning I lace up and go!

Want to lose weight eat more celery. Celery is very low in calories. It is full of water and fiber so you feel full. freewcn.blogspot.... - True!

Stop with all the envy and judgement. Be the best YOU can the end you're all you have left....don't you want to be STRONG? :)

This needs to be on my fridge. And in my wallet. And in my car....Just about anywhere I go.

I don't stop when I am TIRED..I stop when I am DONE

In the words of my adviser: you're only seeing the mountain ahead, look back at the mountains you just overcame...they looked the same as this one but you succeeded.

Train like your stronger, fitter evil-twin is plotting to kill you. #fitness #weightloss #motivation

Sitting on the couch pinning certainly is producing no sweat, but nothing makes me sweat more than getting in that hot room & Bikraming for 90 minutes - love it